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Kappa Kappa Gamma x Hillsdale College

Kate Spade vs. Tory Burch

Emma Cucci, Kappa Kappa Gamma x Hillsdale College 1 year ago


The number of times I have justified a purchase with “Well, she is my sorority sister,” or “I’m just being panhel-friendly!” is borderline embarrassing. The idea of supporting a sister via lofty purchase somehow soothes my pocketbook. Nonetheless, if I have done this, then others can likely commiserate.

As a Kappa, I find myself loyal to Kate Spade and her products. They are spunky, wild, and fun. I favor them in situations with mounting pressure, such as class presentations or thesis defenses. It is hard not to feel confident, classy, and powerful while wearing her designs. Kate being a sorority sister only creates more of an incentive to stock up on her items in the name of support. The new fall collection, per usual, does not disappoint. Here is a peak at some creative KSNY looks:



Then we have Tory Burch, yet another popular name in high fashion. Price-wise, her products rival Kate’s. Style-wise, however, they are distinct, yet quite complementary. Tory Burch takes classic looks and adds subtle flares. This gives the buyer a vast array of possibilities when it comes to wearing her pieces. Work or play, Tory’s items scream versatility. She was a member of Theta, so I feel panhel-friendly while sporting her trendy, bohemian items. Check out some of her latest designs:



Both brands tend to have a time and place, but sometimes these scenarios overlap. Therefore, it becomes important to experiment and learn how to mix and match. Here is a mixture of Kate and Tory pieces for your inspiration:



  • Look 1: shoes, top: Tory Burch ; skirt: Kate Spade.
  • Look 2: shoes, top: Kate Spade ; skirt: Tory Burch.
  • Look 3: shoes, top: Tory Burch ; pants: Kate Spade.

Thus, I beg the inevitable question: Which designs do you favor? In which situations would you wear Kate Spade? Tory Burch? Regardless of affiliation, just remember the magic excuse that every sorority girl can use to justify her pricey purchase: I’m supporting a fellow greek!

Sorority love, Emma Cucci of Kappa Kappa Gamma x Hillsdale College