Bid Day

7 Ways To Do Paper Props For Bid Day

1. Combine Paper Textures and Types

Glitter-coated paper, heavy-weight matte black cardstock (you can write with white on this!), medium-weight gold foil covered cardstock – you name it, the possibilities are endless. Introducing various paper textures and types adds just the right about pop to your paper props to stand out on Bid Day.

2. Go Jumbo

The bigger, the sweeter. Life-size paper props may take a little longer to create, but if done right-they’ll be the highlight of Bid Day. To ensure that your props stay strong and sturdy throughout the day, be sure to use a heavy-weight cardstock.

3. Mix Large Props With Smaller Props

Mixing large with medium-sized and even small paper props helps to create the illusion that you are simply engulfed by your letters – perfectly appropriate for Bid Day.

It’s the most wΦnderful time of the year!! #bidday #csulbaphi #rushcrush 💜💗

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4. Put A Name On It

New members deserve to be the center of attention on Bid Day. Highlighting new member names on medium-sized props will have them feeling like mini-celebrities… just what the doc ordered!

5. Cover Your Props With Faux Florals

Layering faux stemless flowers on top of larger-sized paper props adds a nice touch to many Bid Day themes. Not only does the coating of flowers give the appearance of a more substantial prop, it looks simply fab in photos. (Did someone say Instagram?)

6. Add Colorful Balloons For A Light Feel

Bid Day is arguably a sorority girl’s favorite day of the year: without a doubt, something to celebrate. And what’s a celebration without balloons? Pairing colorful balloons with your props will create the look and feel of a must-attend event.

7. Wear It

You can wear your props, and convert them into something more functional, like themed name tags. Try adding layers of paper or glitter for stylish pop.

Flying with the phinest ❤️❤️ #pibetaphi #bidday

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