Greek Life

10 Signs that You're an Alpha Chi Omega

  1. You’re a real strong woman and proud of it!
  2. Your closet is full of Alpha Chi gear… but you still want more.
  3. You point out the hidden lyres in Friends and love to talk about Joey’s agent, Estelle, being named after one of our founders.
  4. You’ve been stared at for striking the lyre bird pose in public.
  5. “No, I’m not a Chi Omega, I’m an Alpha Chi Omega…”
  6. You’re not afraid to wear Christmas colors all year round- scarlet red and olive green are always appropriate.10 Signs that You’re an Alpha Chi Omega
  7. You’ve taught someone to keep their thumbs apart when learning to throw what you know.
  8. You own or have crafted something with the beloved Alpha Chi Lilly print on it
  9. Holding a relay race where guys run in high heels or holding a diaper drive for a shelter seem like perfect ways to spend a day. You love promoting Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention.
  10. You’re supported by wonderful sisters who help you to seek the heights in all you do.

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