5 Struggles That Only Lefties Can Relate To

Have you ever come across something that makes your day just a tad bit more difficult? Ever been guilty of snapping a pic, posting it on Instagram with the ever famous hashtag #FirstWorldProblems? Personally, being left handed is one of those things for me. Being the only left-handed person in my family, it’s hard to adjust my life so I can do stuff as well as use stuff that are usually meant for right handed people. Even though majority of the population is right-handed, I think a special “left handed section” should be made for us rare specimens of the planet. Here are 5 struggles that only “lefties” can relate to.

1. Writing

This is the most common struggle lefties have to deal with. Whether it be writing on paper thats in a 3 ring binder, or catching up on notes in a spiral notebook, it is always SO difficult to write clearly. On top of that, when you write with pen OR pencil, beware of the ink or lead smudging onto the side of your hand. Another thing lefties may have in common is that we either have REALLY neat handwriting, or REALLY terrible handwriting. Thankfully, I have nice handwriting, even though my family thinks I write like a 4th grader.

2. Cooking

Thankfully, my boyfriend does majority of the cooking when were together and I am FOREVER grateful because he is the BEST cook on the entire planet. If it wasn’t for him my food palette would still consist of Chipotle, Mac & Cheese with hot dogs, or chicken and brown rice. But when you’re trying to have a cute date night, and your significant other is right handed, it can be pretty hard trying to share the whole cooking process. You’re constantly switching grips, you have different way of spinning and mixing, cutting and food prep.

3. Crafting

Being in a sorority, or just being naturally crafty, being left handed can always cause some struggles. Scissors are usually made for right handed people. So when lefties use them, hands cramp up a lot more quick, the lines don’t come out AS straight as you want too. When your painting a canvas or your big/ twins NEW beautiful paddle, It can be hard to NOT make a mistake considering the fact that your hand might mess up the writing as you’re moving across the canvas or paddle. I always need to lift my arm and concentrate and be EVEN MORE CAREFUL when it comes to crafting, which turns out to give me more muscle on my left hand.

4. Playing Sports

Thankfully, playing sports and being left handed has its advantages. I’m currently playing in Intramural flag football league as a quarterback, (crazy right?). When playing the game, the opposite team just automatically assumes that the QB is right handed, so in the end it kinda throws them off. Not being biased or anything, but I strongly believe that lefties are better QB’s, but thats just me.

5. Eating at a Family Table.

When you’re a leftie, you are guaranteed to sit at the end of the table. Whether you like it or not, it’s just how life is. Coming to a restaurant and sitting in between 2 right handed people can just make the experience uncomfortable. Being left handed and sitting next to a right handed person, things can get messy. Being leftie, I already know that when I go out to eat with my family, boyfriend, sisters, or friends, I make sure I always sit at the end. It just makes life sooo much easier.

So these are the 5 struggles I feel that ALL lefties can relate too. Clearly, lefties have MUCH more complicated things in life that we need to deal with, we always learn to adjust rather quickly and we can do anything “righties” can do!

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