Greek Life

Fight Like Family

Today I would like to propose we take a new approach to sisterhood. That we change our perspective and our approach to each other. Too often drama and cattiness is attributed to placing 200 girls in the same friend group. Because, “not everyone will like each other” and it’s, “unavoidable”. However while conflict is unavoidable, respect should be unquestionable. Respect for each other and for the bond that we share.

Even when we become upset with one another we need to remember to respect one another. Would you fight with your biological sister the same way you fight with your sorority sister? Many of us might respond with, “Well…. No. But…” When we fight with our biological sister we know that the argument will not end with the dissolution of our relationship. As much as we may make each other angry, she will always be my sister. So how can we pledge to be a sisterhood if we do not have this same “forever” approach to our relationships?Fight Like FamilyHow do we begin to fight like a family?

It is easy to push someone from your life when you disagree, when they hurt your feelings, when they wrong you. But it is harder to confront the situation in a way that moves towards a resolution. Forgiveness is hard. However the forgiveness we are challenged to extend to one another will not only make our sisterhood stronger, but ourselves stronger as well. Forgiveness is a part of life. We must extend it continuously, each and every day.

Think about the number of times your parents have forgiven you, your siblings, your significant other, your closest friends. They forgive you because their love for you is greater than their disappointment or your mistake. They forgive you because they love you, and if we pledge to be sisters should we not love one another enough to look beyond a mistake?

So my challenge to each of you, and to myself, is this; may we all learn to love each other despite our anger. My hope for my sisterhood is that we will learn to love, and fight, like a family.

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