Bid Day

It's Christmas Time For Sorority Girls Everywhere… Bid Day!

BID DAY. With this being my first year going through recruitment, I have a million thoughts going through my head. Between managing my time, making sure everything runs smoothly, and having endless sorority chants on repeat in my head, bid day could not come soon enough. Why, you ask? We finally get to meet our new sisters!

Recruitment is amazing, but exhausting. The long meetings combined with the endless crafting is a cause for a MAJOR overdose of caffeine in my system, and it always seems like there is a never ending checklist of things to do. But no matter how tiring it is, your entire sorority has so much bonding time, that you all become so much closer than you ever thought possible. By hour 6 of your skit day practice, everybody’s true selves have come out, and the only word I can think to describe it is crazy. From random dance parties to relieve stress and making those late night cookout runs, the bond with your sisters becomes something entirely different, and it’s one of the most comforting feelings ever.

On top of that, with all of the hard work we’ve been putting into recruitment, we finally get to show you what we’ve got. From our adorable shirts that we get to proudly wear to our painted letters and crazy bid day themes, believe me when I say, sororities are PUMPED when we finally get to meet our new sisters.It’s Christmas Time For Sorority Girls Everywhere… Bid Day!

I’m already anticipating seeing dozens of new girls running down the hill with their brand new bid in their hands. That girl that you absolutely fell in love with on skit day? There she is! It’s such an incredible feeling to know that these girls are the future of your sorority, and that your chapter will now be growing in an entirely new way. These girls will become your best friends, future bridesmaids, and go to gals no matter the occasion. You’ll now have a group of 150+ girls that you can randomly call at 2 am, and they all will answer.

Also, on bid day there is usually chocolate of some sort. And let’s be realistic, that’s a win win for any girl. We get to dance to awesome music, eat awesome food, and get to know all the awesome new sisters. After all of our hard work, the real fun finally gets to begin. Creating new friendships, learning an endless amount of new names, and getting tons of twitter, Facebook, and Instagram requests (you’re all lying if you say you don’t appreciate those extra IG likes from your sisters). Seems pretty exciting if you ask me!

So ladies, trust me when I say, bid day is the best day. The Christmas time of sororities, if you may. The endless amounts of glitter and paint is finally put to its use, and you can now thankfully try and forget that time you broke out rapping 50 Cent’s Candy Shop at 1 am in the house because you were just so tired but still had so much work ahead of you before bid day finally arrived. SO GET PUMPED, because the best day of your lives is about to get here. Cherish it, love your sisters, and have fun.

And don’t forget, once bid day is over… only 364 days until we all get to bask in this glory again.

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