Big-Little 101: A Guide to Crafting, Gifting, and Prioritizing

Big Little season is upon us; actives are covered head to toe in glitter while new members crane their necks searching for each girl she put on her Big list. For actives, this can be an incredibly high stress time, between crafting up a storm and midterm exams, and may be lost completely in the Big-Little norms of sorority life. Luckily, you’ve got a girl with 13,000+ pins (judge me) to help you out. This is my guide to Big-Little crafting, gifting, and prioritizing.

  1. Make a private Pinterest board: Sisterhood is wonderful, great for bonding, pretty things, blah blah blah, but when you unveil your beautiful canvases during reveal, how awkward will it be when 48 other Big’s in your chapter show up with that SUPER cute idea you pinned three weeks ago? This. Is. War. (Ok maybe not, but still, your ideas, your crafts). My Big and I have a private board because, well, Big knows best. Find cute ideas, tweak them a bit (some originality, ya know?), and craft away.
  2. Shop sales: Getting a Little can be pricey. Shop amazon, Michael’s sales, Joanne fabrics coupons, etc. 95% of the time, you can find your craft supplies with some sort of discount. Split things like rhinestones or glitter with other new Big’s in the chapter to help diffuse cost and buy canvases in bulk. The sale rack is your friend. ([This
  3. Take your time: stencil out your canvases, give things time to dry, use a projector or transfer paper if necessary. Whatever it takes, don’t wait until the last minute to start on your gifts. You don’t want to be the girl ashamedly handing over sloppy, childish presents. Also, your Big took the time to prepare on your gifts, do the same for your Little. [Here is an awesome link that teaches you to paint Lilly!
  4. Variety is key: While its great that you painted 6 canvases, perhaps it isn’t the best way to fill your Big basket. Lotion, coffee, mugs/water bottles/cups, hats, t-shirts, Big-Little jewelry, standing letters, candy/baked goods/food in general (sorority girls don’t eat? HA ok), chapter themed gifts, fleece blanket, picture frame (with pictures of y’all, of course), pin box, magazines, nail polish, framed creed, koozies, monogrammed everythings, flowers, bows, mason jar kits, cork board, etc etc etc. Literally anything that your Little says she likes, fill her basket with it. The dollar store will be your best friend.Big-Little 101: A Guide to Crafting, Gifting, and PrioritizingBig-Little 101: A Guide to Crafting, Gifting, and PrioritizingBig-Little 101: A Guide to Crafting, Gifting, and PrioritizingBig-Little 101: A Guide to Crafting, Gifting, and Prioritizing
  5. Grab coffee with your small, and ask others to do the same: Yes, your Little is perfect. Duh. But if you’ve got 2 weeks till reveal, its obvious if you only hang out with her. Ask your sisters to grab coffee with your Little and do the same for them. Plus, what a great excuse to meet new members. You wouldn’t want guessing to be too easy, would you?
  6. Don’t sweat it: Stressing out about Big-Little isn’t worth it. Your small one loves you already and she doesn’t even know who you are. Do your best, and lean on your Big, GBig, and sisters for help. Thats what they’re there for, and the Big-Little bond is about so much more than presents. They can help you craft if you lack artistic skills, and its a good excuse to spend your Saturday night-in blaring Beyonce and dancing around the house while possibly painting a canvas or two.

Big-Little is all about guidance, learning, and lasting friendship, don’t make it more stressful than it needs to be! Get excited, and craft your little (Big) heart out.

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