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En Route: Travel In Style with Alpha Chi Omegas

Whether you’re flying half way around the world or road tripping it with your best friends, it’s important to know what to wear for that long flight ahead or what essentials to pack all while traveling in style.

En Route: Travel In Style with Alpha Chi OmegasAirport Appearance

Don’t wear a lot of accessories; keep it simple and sweet

Avoid the hassle of taking off multiple rings, bangles, etc. at security. Instead, wear your favorite watch with a pair of simple earrings. Shown in the photo, I’m wearing gold hoop earrings from MANGO (around $5.00). A popular accessory that I see most people wearing at the airport is a fashionable scarf.

Do bring a lightweight cardigan or jacket

I always carry my larger purse while traveling so I can fit all my essentials together! In the photo, I’m wearing a very lightweight white cardigan from a small boutique shop in Rome. It fits anywhere, really! A great match with the loose-fitting pants and cardigan is a basic crop top. I found a solid black one from Pull&Bear for about $15.00. Crop tops are my favorite when traveling as you can pull off both day and night-time looks!

Don’t wear shorts

It’s always a bit chilly on the plane, so I recommend traveling in trendy pants: from black leggings to printed palazzos. H&M and F21 are popular stores to get reasonably priced palazzos! I’m wearing the cheetah print pants from H&M ($15.00)- they’re my favorite!

Pair your outfit with embellished flats or fashionable sandals, something comfortable yet stylish. Here, I’m wearing Guess sandals-stylish and simple. Last but not least, throw your hair up in a high ballerina bun. If you want, apply a small amount of hair mousse before take off. When you land, take out the bun and your hair will have the natural wavy look without all the work! Plus, it truly is effortless.

2-in-1 Flat Iron

I travel quite often and whether I’m on the plane or in the hotel room, finding time for a quick primp sometimes seem impossible and frustrating when you have to pack light. For me, traveling light is a challenge!

I take my flat-iron with me everywhere; it serves more than just one purpose! Not only do I use it to straighten and curl my hair, I also use it to iron my clothes. Have a wrinkle in your favorite dress you want to wear out? Just use your hair straightener! Make sure the heat is on low, and iron away. I’ve used this trick for years and it never fails.

Any look isn’t complete without a fresh-faced palette and luckily for you, I have a few tips and tricks to achieve just that.

Bags on Bags

When I have a long 10+hour flight ahead of me, there are a few essentials I like to use in preventing baggy eyes and congested senses when arriving at my desired destination. On a lengthy flight, the recycled air causes a stuffy atmosphere making me feel a bit dragged. Before take off, I usually pack a small amount of peppermint oil in my purse. Towards the end of the flight, I rub a dab on my temples to relieve any congestion, achieving the “fresh-faced” look and feeling renewed.

If you still feel the need to refresh by the time you get to the hotel, my number one suggestion is green tea! Every hotel provides a number of assorted teas in the room. Before heading out in to town and exploring whichever city you may be in, I recommend steaming two bags of green tea. Once they’re not too hot, gently place them over your eyelids for about 5 minutes. Green Tea provides antioxidants that are naturally rich and helps prevent major diseases. Say goodbye to those baggy eyes!

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