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How to Show Off Stripes in Style!

Cross the line with these back-to-school outfits that will not only make a bold statement, but also leave a lasting impression.

How to Show Off Stripes in Style!How to Show Off Stripes in Style!

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about what you’re going to wear during the school year. As fall is fast approaching (my favorite season), I’ve already packed a few of my beloved sweaters! Have I mentioned I’m in love with stripes this year?! It’s no doubt a style trend I have been seeing everywhere lately. Stripes are simple yet add definition and depth to an everyday outfit.

Here are a few outfits from my own closet that’ll spark ideas of stripes you can wear:

How to Show Off Stripes in Style!Nautically Navy is a look styled for a late summer’s evening with the girls. The key with a casual dress such as the one I’m wearing in the photo above (Marshalls, $20) is to not over accessorize. Leave the stilettos at home and wear comfortable, yet elegant sandals (not flip-flops!) out instead. I’m sporting silver sandals from Forever off of Amazon for only $12!

Paired with the shoes are my silver barrettes (Newbs, $15). With an outfit like this, I like to keep my hair simple while pinning the front halfway back. Last but not least is my Salvatore Ferragamo clutch to carry all my little necessities.

How to Show Off Stripes in Style!Smartly Striped is specifically a look for sorority meetings, interviews, presentations, and or classes. Over the past few months I have stuffed my closet with striped shirts; the look is timeless. Being a huge fan of neutrals, I prefer wearing polo shirts with black pants that are fitting to the waist. In the photo, each pant leg has a thick black line stitched along the sides. The stripes in this outfit bring out another dimension of shapes. Since I’m quite petite, the lines “elongate” my torso, creating an illusion to the eye.

Pair the outfit with embellished flats and the look is complete!

How to Show Off Stripes in Style!Long Legs for Days draws attention to your legs, making them seem like a mile long! Whether you’re 5,1″ or 6,1″, vertical stripes draws the eyes up and down. As you can imagine, this is one of my best secrets since I’m only 5,1″! Go all out with a matching backpack and a fun, lightweight shirt. Below is a photo of the same outfit when I was in Rome this summer; it’s a perfect outfit for enjoying those warm early fall days.

How to Show Off Stripes in Style!

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