Bid Day

Welcome To The A-List: AXO's Bid Day

After putting in long hours of hard work during polish week and getting through recruitment week, we all look forward to Bid Day! It’s the big day when new members run to their new home.

For this year’s Bid Day, AXO welcomed the newest members in pink printed tanks with casual jeans and shoes.

The front of the tanks says “Welcome to the A list, Alpha Chi Omega.” The pink chevron-designed “A” stood out against the charcoal colored tanks while members cheered and waved AXO as we sang our chants. It was a hot day, so wearing cute tank tops was definitely a plus.

Welcome To The A-List: AXO’s Bid Day

Keeping it cool and classy, some girls accessorized their hair with cute bows in curls, while others had their hair sleek and straight.

Welcome To The A-List: AXO’s Bid Day

Here’s a shot of all the new AXO members with our President, Alysa and VP Recruitment, Clare in front.

Welcome To The A-List: AXO’s Bid Day

The anticipation and excitement of recruitment week all comes down to this very moment; welcoming new girls home to finally call them your sisters. The Gamma Xi Chapter couldn’t be happier with our newest addition.

“Together Let Us Seek The Heights.”

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