Keep Calm and Activate Your Lifestyle

Hello, everyone!

This is my very first post, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this team creating articles for women who want to better themselves in everyday life. That being said, I want to help make a difference through health and fitness. It is a hobby of mine that I truly enjoy learning about, doing, and modifying; and now I want to help others by showing them my lifestyle through healthy eating habits, exercise, and even mental health and well-being (stress, body image, etc.). I want women to love themselves and be proud of what they have accomplished. Beauty not only lies in fashion, but also in maintaining yourself in a healthy and positive manner.

Now, here’s a little background about myself in terms of health and fitness: I am a very short and curvy woman with big thighs, a small waistline, and relatively broad shoulders. For years I have hated my body and the changes that hormones made to it: my metabolism slowed down (so I gain weight really easily), my hips are huge, my face is super square, my hair is too thick and course, etc. However, this summer I have been learning to accept my body for what it is by seeing what I can change (muscle tone, food consumption, makeup, hairstyles, clothes, etc.) and what I can’t (i.e. genetics). I can gripe and groan all I want about my heritage, but it’s not going to change the fact that I’m short and a bit hefty to begin with. So, I’ve changed my mindset, such as: I would rather have huge thighs that are muscular and toned than chicken legs that need some meat on them. It’s all about perspective and looking at all the positives you have in life rather than the negatives.

And today, I woke up saying that I am a beautiful woman who is discovering great things about herself.

Sounds kind of cheesy, but I am! I look at this picture, and it makes me smile because I love my eyes and my smile. And I look healthy and so much happier than I did at the beginning of the summer.

Keep Calm and Activate Your Lifestyle

Now, when I write my posts, I’m mainly going to talk about my workouts and eating habits for that day, along with the occasional thing or two related to mental health and wellness. Like every other college student, I do stress (a lot!), so that topic will definitely be coming up in the future. And this next picture is for both my fellow stressed-out ladies and my ADPi sisters across the nation!

I love this shirt! The trend may be filtering out, but I think it’s both adorable and a good reminder for myself to “stay calm!” But like I said, stress will be coming later.

As for today, I did not work out (it was a rest day for me), but I did continue to watch my eating habits. If you want to see positive changes to your body, working out is NOT the only thing that you must do. You also must, must, MUST eat right! And yes, you’ve heard this so many times before, but it’s completely true; I am discovering this for myself this summer and will continue with it for the rest of my life now. But instead of watching how many calories I consume in a day, I am monitoring the amount of carbs and fat grams. For my weight-training and health goals, I aim at consuming about 162-189g carbs and 32-37g fat. I do also look at my protein intake (important for muscles), but it’s not as overly huge a factor as it would be if I was weightlifting a lot for longer periods of time. I do keep an eye on it, though, and make sure I’m getting a good enough amount. I get my protein from fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, and peanuts. I try to stay away from red meats, but I will have them occasionally. With me watching what I consume in this manner, it forces me to pick healthier choices in order to sustain myself throughout the day and through my workouts (which is SUPER important). Also: water, water, water! Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day - ALWAYS.

Keep Calm and Activate Your Lifestyle

For today, I had raisin bran with 1% milk for breakfast, chicken noodle soup with a piece of garlic bread for lunch, yogurt for a snack, and baked cod with fresh green beans, baked red potatoes (my favorite), and another piece of garlic bread for dinner. I have to say, my dinner plate looked absolutely fantastic! I was so proud of myself, and I felt completely satisfied.

Keep Calm and Activate Your Lifestyle

The first month was a living nightmare going through all of these changes, but it got easier with time. And if you plan everything right, you can also have the deserts that you love (or at least I love), such as Jell-O fat free and sugar free puddings, vanilla frozen yogurt, and the occasional piece of pie. I also have “splurge days” every week and a half to two weeks, so I don’t feel like I’m completely depriving myself of all the good stuff, such as three slices of pizza and Oreos. But I vary out the splurge days so my body doesn’t get into the habit of knowing when that day is coming up (always keep your body surprised!).

But I can happily and proudly say that after a month and a half after modifying my diet, I have lost 4 inches off my waistline and 6 pounds of fat from my body (muscle weighs more than fat, so I will still retain some weight).

Alright, I leave you guys for today hopefully with some inspiration, but I will be back later with some awesome workouts that you can try at your college gym or at home!

Happy eating!

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