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New Semester, New Goals

It’s August, which means it is back to school time! While there is tons of fun things to do, like go back to school shopping. There is also the not so fun stuff, like actual classes. One way I like to make classes more exciting is by setting goals for me to reach throughout the semester.

On the first day of the class I look at the syllabus. After skimming it briefly, I look at what the grades consist of. I definitely pay attention to the reputation of the professor when thinking about my goal and what the class’ grade contains. For instance, if a lot of papers are in the grade, I know to aim higher because paper writing is easier for me than taking a test.

New Semester, New Goals

After I’ve looked over all my syllabi, and written down all the important dates in my agenda, I realistically set goals that go along with my schedule. For instance, if I have horse show, recruitment event, etc. one week I know I probably will not do as well if I had only volunteering. Therefore, I set lower goals for those weeks’ assignments if I can’t work ahead. If I can work ahead, my goal is basically to get it done early. Most of the time when I finish something early I do much better, even if I don’t go back and check it.

New Semester, New Goals

I always set little goals, too. I never just set one big goal. That way, I have little bench marks to work toward. Without those little benchmarks, it feels like I’m not getting anywhere and am more likely to give up on the assignment.

How do you set your goals? How do you gauge them?

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