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Pi-Oritize (Prioritize) Your Life!

ADPi loves being organized because we’re all super busy! So, to help us out, the Scholarship and Leadership Chairs held a “pi-oritizing” (see what we did there?) workshop. It was open to the entire school.

Pi-Oritize (Prioritize) Your Life!Setting priorities helps you be as successful as you can be. We all took the “DISC” Quiz to find out what type of person we were. Google “DISC QUIZ” to take one yourself!

Pi-Oritize (Prioritize) Your Life!

After that, we all talked about our strengths and weaknesses. Everyone in my group prioritized cleaning. What do you prioritize? Next, we all figured out what our top priorities were. Class was a big one, after that none of the groups agreed!

How do you prioritize things like:

  • class
  • family
  • friends
  • relationships
  • sorority
  • work/job
  • sleep
  • health
  • food

Not as easy as you thought? That was definitely a big shock to everyone. After you figure out your priorities, prioritizing everything else becomes much easier! Make sure you prioritize some “me time” in there, too!

Pi-Oritize (Prioritize) Your Life!Good luck and happy organizing and prioritizing!

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