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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

As we all know, it is terribly tempting and difficult to stay healthy while we’re traveling, mainly due to stress and/or boredom. I am traveling this week by both plane and car back to school, and I have tried to find ways to sustain myself, as well as properly managing my stress levels, without resorting junk food.

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

If you are traveling by plane, find smaller items that you can easily store and will get you past security, such as granola bars or small, pre-prepared sandwiches. You can’t bring water bottles past security, but it is good to have some change for a water bottle and maybe some fruit in one of the many stores and cafes airports provide. If you are traveling in the morning and need your good dose of coffee, you can stop by a Starbucks or any other shop, but try to avoid the really sugary drinks (black and light coffees are key!!).

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

For those driving for long hours, it is much easier to pack and prepare, but obviously for the fresher foods you quite often need coolers. It’s always good to own a mini cooler in your dorm for those beach visits, anyways! Again, try to avoid all the fast food restaurants and gas station treats (including the super cheap coffees, unless it’s black) and aim for packing things such as fruit, celery or carrot sticks, lots of water, granola bars, and even yogurt. Peanuts are also great to have, but you really have to watch how much you’re eating with those because of the higher amounts of fat (but they’re good fats, so by all means eat them!); try finding small, individual packages and not large jars; this makes it easier for portion control. And while you’re driving, try to avoid continuous snacking – I also tend to have this problem. If it’s boredom hunger, drink your water instead.

For those heading back to school, I hope these traveling tips help! When you plan, it’s easier to keep up happy and healthy fitness goals.

Happy eating!

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