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Stitched Letters (Plus, tips to make them yourself!)

At CNU, “stitched letters” are huge around campus for both fraternity men and sorority women.

I went through some of my selfies on Instagram and screen-shotted this gem for you:

Stitched Letters (Plus, tips to make them yourself!)

Stitched letters are not just for jeans, though! I’ve been known to pair them with a cute skirt. J.Crew has great ones for the winter that are super cute with tights and boots. It also looks semi-professional. Personally, I wore that to an event I hosted through ADPi.

However, there are some don’ts to go with the do’s.

Never wear letters with norts, leggings, yoga pants, or sweat pants. Your letters should always be a source of pride. Dressing your stitched letters down is okay… but not so drastically that it could be considered PJs!

Always look your best when wearing them. Stitched letters should never be part of the “I just rolled out of bed, grabbed my bag, and barely made it to class” look.

If you’re freaking out about the price of what they can be, here’s some helpful tips:

I’ve made a ton of them myself with the help of an embroider. You can literally trace them from another set of letters you already own. I have a ton that definitely make me unique! A great place to find fabric is Jo-Anns. All you need is the Fat Quarters and there is more than enough. Most of the prints, I could get two sets of letters out. It was definitely handy to make matching stitched lettered shirts and sweatshirts. However, I also recommend (Ashley, another ADPi stylista is a campus rep for Jennabenna Make sure to check her out, too!) and you can always find different sellers on Etsy!

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