Essential Beauty Tips For Recruitment

Recruitment seasons is upon us ladies. It is that crazy yet magical time of year again. Recruitment or Rush (whatever your school calls it) can be a stressful time of knowing just what to wear, how you should act and making tough decisions. Luckily many schools have begun to provide a guide of what is appropriate to wear for each round of recruitment. But what is appropriate in beauty, this can be tricky. So here are some tips for beauty during recruitment:

  1. Nails: During recruitment you are going to be shaking a lot of hands and meeting a lot of people. My tip is to keep your nails really simple. Pale pinks, french manicures, even darks, like navy or even black. These colors are all neutrals and won’t be too flashy on own nails. Stay away from colors that are too bright, they can be over powering. Stay neutral you want your nails to work with all your outfits during the week!
  2. Makeup: Again keep it simple. No bold smoky eyes or a lot of eyeliner or a really bold lip. Just stick with the basics, wear a little foundation, some blush and some mascara. This look shows your true beauty and lets a person see the actual you. Sometimes too much makeup can make you look lie your trying to hide your true self, be confident and show everyone who you truly are.
  3. Hair: Again, just keep it simple and neat. The main thing is make sure your hair always looks neat and brushed. You want to look put together, neat hair looks nice its as plain as that.
  4. Little Black Bag of Tricks: Make sure to pack some things in your purse for when you go around during recruitment. Pack some lipgloss, mints or gum (gotta have fresh breath!), concealer (for some quick touch ups), pack a mirror, a most definitely pack a hairbrush (you should always make sure your hair is brushed and neat).

All of these tricks will help you have an easy time during the recruitment process. It is important to feel confident when going through recruitment and by looking and feeling your best, that confidence can only improve!

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