10 Quick, Easy, And CHEAP Items To Include In A Recruitment Basket To Send To Other Sororities

Recruitment is either the bane or highlight of every sorority girl’s existence. Luckily for me, I’m my chapter’s new VP of Recruitment so I see it as both. Sending out recruitment “survival kits” to other sororities at your school is a super nice gesture that will keep you in good standing with everyone, and can be full of super necessary items that no one thinks to bring!

1. Hair Elastics

Nothing’s worse than asking around for a hair tie because you forgot to bring one. Including a pack of 10 can be a life saver in between rounds when you want to put your hair up! (Don’t forget to take it off your wrist before the rounds starts!)

2. Hair Spray

Tame those fly aways before they get out of control! No one is going to remember to bring hair spray to recruitment to keep those curls in place!

3. Mascara

Between crying during pref and sweating all your makeup off, touching up your mascara is probably the easiest and quickest thing to do to top off your makeup and make look you slightly normal and not sleep deprived.

4. Neutral Colored Nail Polish

I cannot stress this enough. And I guarantee you there will be at least one girl who comes to recruitment with hot pink nails because she thought it matched the Round 1 shirts perfectly. A nice light pink like Essie’s “Ballet Slippers” is a perfect color suitable for recruitment. (For good measure, add nail polish remover to help with those “uh-oh!” moments.)

5. Tide To Go pen

Sorority girls eat like teenaged boys going through puberty. They will be scarfing down at least three slices of pizza in the 30 minute break they have for lunch, so a Tide to Go pen is a must. Pizza stains and white pref dresses do not go well together at. all.

6. Cough Drops

I can’t tell you a time where I didn’t lose my voice or have a sore throat during recruitment, as a PNM or as an active. Cough drops also act as breath mints if you get the minty kind!

7. Advil/Tylenol/Ibuprofen

Period cramps, headaches from being so loud and lack of sleep. Any kind of pain reliever will make spending a weekend/week much more tolerable if no one has a pounding headache to deal with.

8. Tissues

Crying. So. Much. Crying. (And sweating).

9. Band-aids

Blisters, paper cuts, brand-new shoes. The list goes one. Band-aids will be your savior during recruitment.

10. Mini Lint Rollers

For jeans, t-shirts, pref dresses. Literally anything that can attract lint will during recruitment and unless one of your sisters is equipped with a massive roll of tape, lint rollers are a must!

Of course, don’t forget to arrange these items in a nice basket or box and a nice bow with the chapter’s name prominently displayed wishing them luck on a SUCCESSFUL recruitment. Let’s be Panhellenic y’all!

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