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The Final Parents Brunch

Each year, our families look forward to an opportunity to indulge in delicious food, to receive cute favors, and to spend time with loved ones.

The Final Parents Brunch

More importantly, AEPhi Parent’s Brunch provides our old folks with an excuse to revive their youth and act like college rascals. After the bagels, bacon, and eggs our parents were thirsty. Naturally, they suggested that we go to a winery. Being that we are all of age, the enticing request was set into reality.

The Final Parents BrunchThe Final Parents BrunchThe Final Parents Brunch

We came home and while we were ready to nap, our parents demanded the party continue. They broke out the wine and snacks. We all sat around our large living room table and listened to classic rock. I would argue that the excitement reached its peak during our sub par attempt at singing Meatloaf’s Paradise by the Dashboard Light.

The Final Parents Brunch

In closing, the brunch was great and I am so pleased that the day did not end there! When I think of how the sorority has brought our parents so close together, I cant help but smile. So AEPhi moms and dads, I hope you children enjoyed being college kids for the weekend! It certainly provided us with entertainment!

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