Getting Creative With A Theme For Your Next Mixer

One of the awesome parts of being in a sorority is having mixers every weekend with frats. Mixers usually have themes and can range from “what do you want to be when you grow up?” to “dynamic duos”. Whatever your mixer theme is, there are so many ways to have fun and make your outfit creative. Mixers are a way to hang out with your friends, and also meet new people in Greek life.

Getting Creative With A Theme For Your Next Mixer

Depending on the theme, there are many ways to go about your outfit. Certain themes you can go all out (such as the picture above when we were all different holidays) and others such as a “Bar mitzvah mixah” are more casual and only require a normal, but dressy outfit. No matter what the theme is, there are always people who get into the theme and make it an awesome night.

An outfit says a lot about a person, and is a great conversation starter. Mixers when you dress up are basically an excuse to have Halloween year-round, and I know my friends and I take complete advantage of it. There are just so many options. Mardi Gras, Fiestas, Athletes, Toga Party, high school stereotypes, water fights, paint parties are all on the table. It is so much fun planning out a group outfit with your friends, or deciding what you want to dress up as individually. Start out with a picture in your head of what you want to be then adapt it to your own style and abilities. Not all of us have the ability to create an amazing black swan outfit, but that isn’t what is important. If you have fun with your outfit, and especially make it funny (like my friends who went as toddlers in tiaras), you’ll be a hit. After you’ve shopped through everyone’s closet and have made or bought accessories, you are ready to put it all together. Sometimes this is the most stressful step, but as soon as the outfit is complete, the fun starts. I love themed mixers, because I think they change things up and allow you to wear things you wouldn’t normally. I have been covered in glitter, sequins, ribbons, plaid, paint you name it. We have even had a pudding mixer in which we were all covered in chocolate pudding! It is all about changing the environment and creating a fun activity for the group.

We all know sorority girls love dressing up on the weekends and looking cute, but sometimes it gets old. You feel as though you’ve worn all your outfits already (in addition to all your sisters clothes) and just wish there was an easy outfit to wear. Themed mixers are just the answer and a break from your normal dressing pattern. They change it up and allow you to look cute, but in a different way. Mixers can especially be that excuse to take a break from your normal 4-inch heels and wear your converse out (it was totally acceptable when I went as the high school artist). There are a multitude of different ideas, and even as a junior I still hear of new cool themes all the time. No matter what the theme is, the key is to have fun and put those stylista skills to good use!

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