Halloweekend Costumes Decoded

Although most sorority girls know how to dress up thanks to mixers every weekend, Halloween never ceases to get old. Because we have so much experience dressing up, Halloween is really an excuse to truly go all out with over the top costumes. Whether you’re buying a costume or creating it yourself, the options are unlimited. I know it is now November, but it is never too early to start thinking about next year, or use a Halloween costume idea for your next mixer theme.

Some people are great at thinking of creative ideas, but for those who are not, I recommend Pinterest and other similar websites. They allows you to see so many different options as well as sometimes step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the perfect finished product. I saw so many different ideas all weekend, but when it came to my whole pledge class dressing up we chose beanie babies because it is easy, fun, and good for a large group! We made the signature TY tags and made up names and quotes on the inside, which added a nice touch.

Halloweekend Costumes Decoded
Some girls in my pledge class imitating their Beanie Babies.

Tips for a great costume:

  1. Get creative! Fresh ideas always impress. Build an ensemble around those funky shoes you bought on a whim.
  2. Plan ahead! We all hate the night before frantically trying to figure out what to dress up as.
  3. Make it stylish! Just because it’s a costume doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t look your best! You still want to look flattering.
  4. Have fun! Costumes are a fun experience, they shouldn’t stress you out.

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