Stylishly Staying Warm

There’s nothing that says happy spring semester like below freezing weather! Some girls may think that being trendy and staying warm isn’t possible.

Stylishly Staying Warm
My go-to winter outfit!

The good news is that whether you’re walking to class or on a fun outing with your friends, there are a few cute pieces to keep your blood pumping head to toe.

Start with a big chunky scarf. It is totally practical, keeping you extra warm while adding a final touch to any outfit. I personally like to add my affordable favorite from Target with a plain shirt and jeans to keep the outfit from being too overwhelming. With the below freezing temperatures in Binghamton, any outside activity longer than 10 minutes can leave your ears feeling frost bitten. The solution is a knitted headband. Turban style headbands continue to be a trend and are cute enough to leave on even after you’ve escaped the freezing cold. ** Pair this outfit with cute boots for an outfit that allows you to stay warm while also showing off your inner stylista!**

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