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Casually Classy For Class

There’s a fine line between the girls who put themselves together for class, and the girl who shows up in fishnets, 6 inch heels, and some sort of dress/halter phenomenon. Advice for all who seek any sort of fashionable future: don’ t be the second girl.

It’s way easy to dress up for class, and to make that look effortless is the key! One of my favorite ways to be comfortable yet cute for class is to match a baggy but still fitting cardigan along with your outfit. In my opinion it always adds a layer and can be just what you need to make a boring outfit stick out a bit more. Matching something like a lace short, or even jean shorts, with a plain tank top, topped off with a cardigan is the perfect way to pull a chic and casual outfit together. Be sure to add along simple jewelry like a tribal ring and a watch, it will the icing on top of this very stylish cake!

Casually Classy For Class
Cute meets comfort!

Casually Classy For ClassLastly, can’t forget shoes. These sandals have been my absolute go-to all summer, and will be into the beginning of the fall season. Minnetonka’s Malaya Sandal is comfortable for a sandal since it zippers in the back, but super cute.

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