Yes, You Can Perfect Le Cat-Eye a La Angelina Jolie…

The famous Cat-Eye liner trend.

Yes, You Can Perfect Le Cat-Eye a La Angelina Jolie…
Hey, Angelina…

So your hair is done, your outfit is picked out and you’re about to start your makeup. Now if you’re like me your eyeliner has been pretty basic your entire makeup career; A little on the top of your lid and a little on the bottom and done. Recently, I’ve been feeling really bored with my look and wanted to switch it up. I started paying extra close attention to make up ads in magazines and online. One trend that has always stuck out to me is the cat-eye, it’s always been classic and sexy but liquid eyeliner was a mountain I had yet to climb.

With Angelina Jolie’s face staring back at me from my magazine, I contemplated just how difficult could it be. I mean, it doesn’t look too hard right? Although it my look impossible the cat-eye is easily doable with a little focus, a steady hand and the right products. It didn’t take me long to become and expert, and I must say, I wear a cat eye every time i go out now.

Since the cat eye is so precise I recommend you use a liquid eyeliner. I got mine from Sephora and it was totally affordable and great quality. A few other brands I recommend are Stila, Revlon, Tarte, MAC and Yves Saint Laurent. The hardest part is getting the end swoop just right, I had a few scary turn outs while practicing - but it gets easier!

  1. Put your eye shadow on first as a base for your eyeliner.
  2. Gently pull your eyelid out a little and line your upper lash line with the liquid liner. You can make the line thin for a more casual look or thick for something a little more fancy.
  3. The swoop. All you have to do is drag the brush to the outer corner of your eye making it thicker as you go and wing it outwards. The bigger the swoop, the more dramatic the look.

And voila, behold the cat-eye.

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