10 Things Only Girls Who Went To An All-Girls High School Understand

Whenever I tell people I went to an all-girl’s high school, the reactions are always the same. A look of confusion, a moment of silence, and then the ever-daunting question: “did you ever speak to boys?” Like any girl that went to an all-girl’s school will tell you, yes, sometimes we talked to boys and no, we didn’t care at all that we didn’t breathe the same air as them. It’s hard for people to understand where we all-girl’s school goers are coming from, especially when they were allowed to pick out their own outfits and hold hands with their boyfriends going from class to class. However, it’s an experience I wouldn’t even trade for a cheer-leading uniform and a boyfriend on the basketball team.

  1. Setting an alarm at the last possible minute: Since there are obviously no boys, we obviously didn’t bother going within five feet of our makeup or a mirror. Getting ready in the morning consisted only of a face wash, teeth brushing, and a handful of moisturizer.
  2. The messy bun > the man bun: If you didn’t wear your hair in a messy bun, you were usually the outcast in a sea of messy bun professionals. The messier the bun was, the better.
  3. ‘Homeroom’ is code-word for ‘food’: I gained thirteen pounds my senior year for a reason, which was due to the abundance of bagels and cookie-dough brownies in homeroom. The quicker you arrived to homeroom, the more cream cheese available to you to put on your bagel.
  4. Tampon dispensers exist everywhere: Since everyone was on the same uh, menstrual cycle, tampons basically rained from the sky. All you had to do was merely whisper the syllable ‘tam-‘ and you would have ten tampons in arms reach.
  5. What’s a razor?: Since there were no boys, what was the point of shaving our legs? Who really cares about personal hygiene, anyway?
  6. Dress-down days provided the ultimate fashion show: This meant a day where itchy skirts and thick polos were left in the closet (or laundry pile) for the day and were replaced with strictly dictated “normal clothing.” Coming to school the day before winter break in anything but a Santa suit was completely looked down upon.
  7. Privacy is a foreign concept: Welcome to a world where everyone knows everything about everyone… and more. An all-girl’s school is even bigger than Gretchen Wieners’ hair.
  8. What is ‘flirting’? An exercise I’m not doing?: Going to an all-girl’s school meant having to work a lot harder to meet boys, preferably ones that attended your brother all-boys school. Don’t even get me started on how terrifying it was to ask my date to prom instead of the other way around.
  9. Senior year= freedom: Freedom from boxy blazers and clog-like shoes, that is. These horrid pieces of our uniform were swapped for Sperry’s and a senior sweater #blessed.
  10. All-girl’s school introduced me to my bridesmaids: I am 1000% promoting this stereotype. Though I’m twenty and man-less, I will forever know who my bridesmaids will be, aka the girls that still eat endless bagels and cookie-brownies with me.

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