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Reasons to be #thankful for Your Sisters

As we attempt to pack up our entire closet and leave our endless piles of schoolwork for home-cooked meals and a queen-sized bed, it’s hard to keep in mind why we celebrate Thanksgiving. Sure, I love as much as anyone else an excuse to consume all of the sweet potatoes I want without feeling guilty about it, but I also like to do this with a side of being thankful. This may sound extremely corny, but it is something that is all too true. Besides friends, family, and your eyebrows (on fleek), there are endless things to be thankful for. One of the most important things is: my sorority sisters.

Reasons to be #thankful for Your Sisters
Phi or die <3

I believe that everything happens for a reason, and so I believe that there is a reason I received and accepted a bid from AEPhi last spring. From their endless support to endless laughs, I have the best times with my sisters. Not only do I call these girls my sisters, but they are also my gym partners, dinner dates, personal shoppers, therapists, tutors, and so much more. There is never a dull moment, from dancing all night at mixers to studying (or at least attempting to study) the next day, reliving and laughing at what happened the night before. Like that time you ordered too much pizza two nights in a row (but it was so with it), or your big was overprotective of you with a boy you were interested in. Or, better yet, the time you were elected as recruitment chair and couldn’t get over how much support your sisters had in your abilities to build and add to their already amazing sorority.

Being in a sorority has also given me endless opportunities. From being able to relive my glory years of being a soccer goalie in high school during sorority soccer games (and we made it to the playoffs) to representing my sorority through my writing on this website, these opportunities are endless. There is no other group of girls that I would want to do these things with, and I cannot wait to make even more memories with them!

So, as you sit around the Thanksgiving table and mentally claim the perfect piece of pumpkin or apple pie (or definitely both) remember the people in your life that matter, especially the girls that you are lucky enough to call your sorority sisters.

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