Staying Cool in the City (Take 2)

As LinkedIn has so conveniently reminded me, it marks about a year that I have been a Sorority Stylista (*cue sorority snaps*). From writing about clothes to boys to my sorority sisters, Sorority Stylista has allowed me to write on yet another platform to publish stories for people to (hopefully) read.

In celebrating my first post on this site where I put together an office outfit I was obsessed with all of last summer, I’m going to do the same with my favorite outfit of summer 2015 (so far)!

Now that I am back at it interning in the big apple, I have tried to put together outfits that work on a budget (hello unpaid intern life) and with my style. After all, interning with some of the biggest names in fashion magazines is pretty intimidating, especially when you have friends at Cosmo.

However, thanks to Forever 21, I have been able to make this possible this summer. From structured blazers to $9 bathing suits, F21 is my go-to #blessed.

Staying Cool in the City (Take 2)
Mirror pictures are still cool in your 20’s.

Thanks to my trusty full-length mirror (that’s what you get when your bathroom is on the same floor as Seventeen magazine), I was able to capture this outfit in all of its glory. My black dress pops with the colored floral design and black lace-trimmed hem, along with my super light-weight white blazer that is perfect for the arctic tundra that is my office. My booties, which feature a cut-out heel, were only $33 and I’ve never received more compliments on a pair of shoes.

So, if you’re ever stressing over what to wear to work on a budget, Forever 21 is your go-to. Even if you go fifteen minutes before work to buy your outfit for the day (trust me, I’ve done that) you won’t be sorry!

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