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13 Reasons You Should Master Canvas Paintings

  1. Canvas paintings are easy/fairly inexpensive gifts.
  2. And, they are a basic necessity for Big/Little week.
  3. Who doesn’t love decorating their dorm in your own crafty work?
  4. You can tell everyone you’re practically Pablo Picasso (It’s fool proof, Pinterest is a WONDERFUL thing!)13 Reasons You Should Master Canvas Paintings
  5. You can showcase your interests or your friends for the perfect meaningful gift.
  6. A sorority canvas could be perfect for showing your love for your sisters but not going over the top.
  7. Get your pictures out there, it is an easy side business for quick cash! (Always a necessity in college)
  8. Free time, stressed to the max, or feeling blah while surrounded by boring white walls? A canvas will fix that!
  9. They’re just perfect!
  10. Sometimes doodling is better than saying what’s REALLY on your mind. (We’ve all met THOSE people)
  11. No one has to know how little effort it took to give such a great gift… Still just as much love.
  12. Free thinking activities (such as canvas painting) are great for resting the brain from a stressful week.
  13. You can do whatever you want without criticism. Be your own critic! Think outside the box, or canvas!

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