Ragers in the Sorority House: As Told By NYT

On January 20th, 2015 The New York Times released an editorial entitled “Sororities Should Throw Parties” in response to an earlier article by Alan Schwarz “Sorority Anti-Rape Idea: Drinking on Own Turf.” If you are like me, you literally just laughed out loud. How would Standards feel about drunken college kids in sorority houses all across the nation?

Fraternities have recently been getting a bad rep for what goes down at parties: date rape, underage drinking, etc. Imagine if a “frat” house was not the only party option you had on a Saturday night. Juliet Lapidos puts it like this, if sororities were to host weekend events, “they could rattle the virtual monopoly that frats often have on large parties…” She goes on to describe it as a more responsible environment for students to spend their time and cut back on fraternity incidents. Girls are more in tune with others emotions and safety. If they were to host a party it seems as if nothing could go wrong.

Although it may be easy to see some of the positives of a sorority party, think about all that could go wrong. Sororities are able to cut back on payments because of their strict alcohol ban, if this ban were to be lifted insurance would go up, therefore dues would increase as well. Alcohol is still illegal for those under 21, so that is another liability houses across the nation would have to add to their worry list.

It may seem that no one can win. Either way there will be underage drinking, and sororities can not single-handedly take down fraternity parties. Lapidos says, “Telling fraternities not to throw parties is overbearing; telling undergraduates not to attend frat parties won’t work; and telling undergraduates to control their drinking at frat parties probably will not work, either.”

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