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Can You Really Be Too "Matchy-Matchy"?

Who says you can’t go back to school in style? Putting your own personal touch on supplies is half the fun of going back to school, right?

My goal this year was to match, but in a more subtle way. I didn’t want to go overboard with identical prints on everything so I picked a color palette: Dark Pink, Navy, and White. Thankfully, my addiction to online shopping made this A LOT easier.

Can You Really Be Too “Matchy-Matchy”?

I started with my planner, who doesn’t love Lilly, right?! I got the Tusk In Sun Large Agenda from Lilly Pulitzer.

After that I went for a matching phone case and found a white and pink Speck case that’s functional and adorable (also has a matching charger, total bonus!).

Next I went for a chevron pencil case from and topped it off with a pink TI-89 calculator for all those math and science classes!

I’ve even found myself doodling in my “Sophomore year” colors! It’s amazing what a little matchy-matchy can do for your academics. Think of how much more time you’ll spend playing with your new toys… (oops, I mean “studying with your supplies”)

Guess what? I was studying in the library with my AGD sister-daughter, Abby and I found out that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. All of her back to school gear was blue… Looks like I’m not the only one who is matchy-matchy!

Can You Really Be Too “Matchy-Matchy”?

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