Bid Day

Why Bid Day is Christmas for Sorority Girls

Yesterday I experienced my first Bid Day from “the inside” and it felt like Christmas morning. Our theme was Grease, so naturally we had to play the entire soundtrack on repeat while donning our flower headbands, tank tops, tutus, crazy makeup, and glitter. Lots of glitter. Cries like “You’re the one that we want!” rang down the hallway as we prepared to welcome 24 new Alpha Gams to our family.

Why Bid Day is Christmas for Sorority GirlsThere’s no way you can pick one moment from Bid Day and say it’s your favorite. It’s impossible. I absolutely loved running to the Quad with my sisters and prancing around while chanting and holding up a giant A. In that moment we all were united in our excitement, anticipation, and chanting. And there’s no feeling in the world like having new sisters run to you with open arms and you embrace them while falling to the ground and screaming! Recruitment is over, and we now get to see all the stress was completely worth it.

We have 24 new Alpha Gams at Lafayette, and I am SO EXCITED to get to know them. Waking up yesterday morning and not knowing who was joining our family until they ran into our arms was like waking up Christmas morning; you have to be patient and understand that the wait is worth it. Now that it’s the day after Christmas, I am going to get to know my new sisters and I could not be happier. And, I still have our AGD chants running through my head 24/7…

Why Bid Day is Christmas for Sorority Girls




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