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10 Signs You're an Alpha Omicron Pi

1. Pandas, everywhere.

You probably look like you’re hoarding pandas because your room is FILLED with them. Stuffed pandas, panda pillow pets, panda t-shirts, and if you’re like me- a panda eye mask to sleep with.

10 Signs You’re an Alpha Omicron Pi

2. You know more facts about arthritis than other college students.

More than most people, actually.

3. #WhyAOIIWednesday.

Every Wednesday you post a picture with your sisters and a caption about why you love your sisterhood.

10 Signs You’re an Alpha Omicron Pi

4. You’re always looking for words containing A, O, and N (in that order)…

… so you can make cute t-shirts and Instagram captions.

5. You “exceed the expectation” in everything you do.

Fundraising, studying, even crafting. Alpha Omicron Pi girls put 150% into everything that they do.

6. Your favorite flower is the Jacqueminot rose.

(a deep red rose with no thorns)

7. You own way too many shirts that are cardinal red.

Especially spirit jerseys.

8. You have the pink Lilly pattern on at least one thing that you own.

Because it’s one of the cutest patterns out there.

10 Signs You’re an Alpha Omicron Pi

9. You were called a “baby panda” the majority of your freshman year.

And maybe the majority of your sophomore year, too.

10. You know that there’s no other sisterhood that you belong in.

You fell in love with Alpha Omicron Pi during recruitment because of the girls you now call your sisters, and you know that there is no one else you would rather share this incredible experience with.

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