And We Danced all Night for the Best Cause Ever

On Saturday February 21st at 2pm, 1,769 dancers stood up on their feet in eagerness for the 12 hours that were yet to happen. There would be laughs, games, stories, tears, talent shows, head-shaving, crowd-surfing, bouncy houses, and so much more.

In 2014, Ball State Dance Marathon raised $344,801.21 for the kids. This year, they decided to set the goal high: $500,000. We all knew it would be a challenge, but we accepted it and blew up social media with fundraising links.

And We Danced all Night for the Best Cause Ever
A few sisters and I before the marathon began!

As a freshman, I’ve never even heard of Dance Marathon until a few months ago. But it sounded like a great opportunity to get involved and bond with sisters, so I registered having no idea that those 12 hours would change my life.

Throughout the 12 hours, I bonded not only with my sisters, but also people of other organizations. We learned an 8 minute line dance, watched a talent show put on by the kids, witnessed Matt Overton dance, and even won the color spirit award (go green team!!)

And We Danced all Night for the Best Cause Ever
The BSUDM marriage proposal!

The last 2 hours of the marathon were an emotional roller coaster. We were all beginning to feel the effects of standing for 10 hours but we weren’t ready to give up the fight. When it finally came to 1:50 the room grew silent as we anticipated the final reveal of how much we raised. There was definitely an unexpected curveball, as the reveal turned into a surprise marriage proposal! However FINALLY, right before 2 a.m., the final number was revealed.

Ball State Dance Marathon raised $502,103.22 #FTK proving that miracles do happen every single day. I couldn’t be more proud of this organization and everything my school has accomplished through it. I cannot wait until next year’s marathon!!

Here’s a recap of the 12 hours:

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