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What It's Like To Not Have A Sorority House

On most college campuses you can find Greek Row, a location where all the sorority and fraternity houses reside. On Ball State’s campus though, you’ll only find fraternity houses, due to an old law that doesn’t allow sorority houses. This is crazy, you say! Well.._yea, it is! _ But we make the most of it!

Instead of a house, my sorority (along with a few others) have their own suite in one of the dorms on campus. Our suite has a kitchen and a main open room where we have couches and tables, so we can get comfy! We use this space to have small meeting, study, and have some sisterhood events! It’s a space we can all share and connect at. It’s our little sanctuary on campus! The suite is always nice to hangout in because you never know what other sisters are going to come over, so it gives you a chance to connect with more sisters you might not usually spend time with!

We don’t just see each other at chapter either, we all try to meet up and hangout when we can. I always see sisters on campus as well. I probably wave to five or more sisters every time I walk to class! We never get tired of our sisterhood or spending time together, and we all go out of our way for each other. If one of our sisters needs a shoulder to cry on, or to needs to borrow a dress, we are there for her. Even if we have to get in our cars and drive there.

What It’s Like To Not Have A Sorority House
An AOII, an APhi, and a DZ

So your next question might be, “What do we do for recruitment?” Instead of going from house to house, the student center is taken over by sorority women and the PNM’s go from room to room to visit all the sororities. Each sorority is assigned a different room, and we get to decorate it for each round. This is nice, because you don’t have to run around outside in heels to get to your next round. Plus, theres a Starbucks in our student center, so you don’t have to go far to get your energy!

At Ball State, we are always proud to say that our Greek life system is a community. Everyone has friends in different sororities and fraternities, because we all mesh so well. We all support our Greek life philanthropies and help establish new chapters on campus. Without houses, we are able to live with other sorority women and bond with them just like we would our own sisters! This is a great opportunity that we get to have, and is different that most campus’s Greek life!

Greek life as a whole keeps increasing in size each year at Ball State! I love seeing my sisters when I can and I would also love to live with them all. Maybe one day when I come back as an Alumni I’ll see a long line of sorority houses on Greek row, but for now, I’m happy to have the strong bond I have with my sister and the Greek community as a whole, even without houses!

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