Tale of a Summer Fling

#THROWBACK to April when you finished your last final. The only thought on your mind was how on Earth all of the crap you’ve been hoarding for the past 9 months would fit into your tiny car. You manage to shut the trunk and you head home for the summer to work, (maybe) hit the gym, and eat as much Chipotle as possible.

After a few weeks of catching up with old friends and being your parents’ personal slave, you become bored. Parties are hard to come by when the majority of your friends live in another state. So, you shamelessly download Tinder and hope for a fun summer. Hundreds of left swipes later, and it’s like everything changed. You’ve spotted your summer man candy.

Things were great. He took you on fun ice cream dates. You stayed out past 3am just talking in his car. He didn’t go to your school, so you two had a lot to talk about. You watched fireworks on the 4th of July and shared a kiss. He even took you to the nicest restaurant that you’ve ever been to. You were happy; for the first time in your life, you had a boy in your life with absolutely zero drama.

Suddenly, it’s the middle of July and the little voice in the back of your head reminds you that school is approaching. He would soon be hours away from you. You start to wonder why he hasn’t brought up the school year yet. Would he come visit you? You ignore the little voice, and try to go with the flow. You want to be cool and fun; not the annoying pyscho that you are the remaining 9 months of the year.

Three weeks later, you’re driving back to school. Single. Maybe there was a miscommunication, maybe it was a mutual break up, or maybe you’re still confused on where you stand with him. You ponder it for the four hour drive, but immediately put it behind you when you reunite with your best friends upon arrival. You immerse yourself with a calendar full of tailgates, recruitment, and shambly Sundays.

Your summer man fades just as fast as your tan. You know it’s for the best, and you actually learned a lot from it. You let your guard down and saw the best version of yourself. You learned that not everything has to be serious. You learned how to look beyond your jealousy and be the cool girl. You might not have ended up with a love like The Notebook, but you saw how much fun you can have when you let your insecurities go.

Now, enjoy the school year and begin the countdown to Spring Break!

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