50 Reasons We Need To Thank Our Best Friends

Thank you…

  1. For laughing with me until we cry and crying with me until we laugh.
  2. For never saying “I told you so”.
  3. For standing by my side through each and every stupid decision.
  4. For never letting a bottle of wine go unfinished.
  5. For never judging me.
  6. For dancing on couches with me.
  7. For screaming at the DJ to play my favorite song.
  8. For never letting me down.
  9. For understanding me when no one else does.
  10. For wiping my tears and never failing to make me feel better.
  11. For being my biggest supporter.
  12. For answering your phone whether it’s 4am or 4pm.
  13. For our late-night talks.
  14. For remembering every inside joke we ever created.
  15. For the long drives you have taken just to spend time with me.
  16. For celebrating all the exciting moments of my life with me.
  17. For ordering pizza with me any time of the day.
  18. For every gushy text you have ever sent me while I was feeling down.
  19. For staying true to yourself and reminding me to stay true to myself.
  20. For keeping me confident.
  21. For staying up all night to “study”.
  22. For being able to sit in silence with me or sing at the top of your lungs with me.
  23. For sharing your closet with me.
  24. For being the most significant of my others.
  25. For keeping my secrets.
  26. For missing me when I’m not there.
  27. For making me laugh until my stomach aches.
  28. For analyzing every confusing text that he sends.
  29. For liking the same TV shows as me.
  30. For dragging my ass to spin class.
  31. For making ordinary moments extraordinary.
  32. For being strong when I am weak.
  33. For believing in me.
  34. For never making me use a fraternity bathroom alone.
  35. For your brutally honest advice – even when I don’t want to hear it.
  36. For treating me like family.
  37. For being just as weird as I am.
  38. For taking hundreds of pictures with me until we get the perfect Instagram.
  39. For always forgiving me.
  40. For hating the same people I do.
  41. For listening to my stories even though you’ve heard them a million times.
  42. For always having my back.
  43. For letting me sleep in your bed when I don’t want to sleep alone.
  44. For understanding “that look” from across the room.
  45. For never making me take a shot by myself.
  46. For always being the first like on my Instagram.
  47. For telling me the things I can’t even admit to myself.
  48. For promising to be one of my bridesmaids – even though I haven’t had a boyfriend in years.
  49. For laughing at all of my dumb jokes.
  50. For hanging out for days on end and never getting sick of me.

And last but not least thank you for being YOU!

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