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Get Sun-Kissed, Safely!

Everyone is familiar with the dangers and consequences of tanning beds. Sometimes, that knowledge isn’t enough to outweigh the convenience and the results. With recruitment coming up, that brown sun-kissed goddess look is very appealing and, if you’re like me, that look does not come easy.

Get Sun-Kissed, Safely!

I want to share a product my roommate told me about that has gorgeous results as an artificial tanning method. It’s Loreal’s Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes ForBody! I get mine at ULTA, but they are sold at Walgreens, Target, etc. She used them for our senior prom; we used them for rush, semi formal, and formal (and pretty much every event in between).

They are so easy to apply and I haven’t had any streak issues. Just wipe them over your body after you shower and then apply lotion! One box is about $10 and comes with 6 wipes. I like to space mine out and use them about 2-3 days in a row and the tan usually lasts 2 weeks. With that method, you get multiple uses out of the box with a great sun kissed look each time. If you want a darker look, just use for a few more days. For a more gradual tan, use every other day. This is a safe, cheap, and efficient alternative to tanning beds.

Happy tanning, y’all!

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