AOII "Scoops Up" Service

Volunteering is something that a lot of college students forget to do. Let’s be honest, with all our busy schedules, it’s hard to fit in sometimes! But AOII is all about giving service in any way we can. Whether it’s donating little pandas or prepping and serving food in a soup kitchen, any small act of kindness makes for a huge impact!

AOII “Scoops Up” Service
Me and Susan serving up food at Soup D’Shore in Long Branch, NJ.

It’s important to help out in any way we can. Get a group of your sisters together or a group of your closest friends and get out there and make an impact in your local community. There are a ton of opportunities on [ , you can plug-in your location and discover service opportunities for you and your sisters!

My AOII sissy Susan and I (pictured on right) went to our local soup kitchen called Soup D’Shore. Soup D’Shore was started by one of the business classes at Monmouth and it’s been around for a couple of years. Many Monmouth students volunteer at the soup kitchen whenever they can. It’s a lot of fun to go with a group of friends, classmates, or sisters! There are also people there from around the area to help out as well! It’s amazing to see how much community can be built around hot plates of food. You learn so much about people over a nice hot meal. We had an amazing time at the soup kitchen, and we will definitely be going back soon!

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