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Begging for a Braid this Winter

“Braids may seem like a style reserved for the warmer months, but Fall and Winter are prime times to get your plait on. And there are plenty of celebrities to pull inspiration from. Whether they’re pairing milkmaid braids with a red carpet gown or a side plait with casual wear, the ladies of Hollywood know how to rock a good braid in the cooler months.” Pop Sugar</p> With winter winds right around the corner, girls every one knows that the time of hair being whipped into our faces is once again upon us. It is easy to just slip on a hat to hide those wispy pieces, but the better option; a stylish braid. Now I know you are thinking of the pigtail that your Mom used to braid into your hair, but these mature braids will have everyone begging you to do their hair for weeks to come.

The Dutch Braid

This simple braid is a lot easier than it looks! Start at your part, and french braid your hair. The key is to braid the hair underneath. Most people already braid this way, but I learned overhand, so it takes a few tries to get it just right. When you have your braid at the desired length, simply pull on the outer parts of the strand, loosening them until you have the desired look. A few bobby pins to secure it and it’s perfect!

Begging for a Braid this Winter

I kept the rest of my hair very natural for a very laid back and natural look.

Half Headband

This look is a new take on the french braid, meant to keep my bangs out of my face yet add texture to the rest of my hair. I french braided my hair, but only took new sections of my hair from the edge of my hair closest to my face. I braided the section, then tucked it behind my ear. A few bobby pins to keep it in place, and a clear elastic to keep the look streamline.

Begging for a Braid this Winter

The Milkmaid

This is one of my favorite braid types. It is super easy and looks very put together. It pairs great with a bulky scarf and allows for a soft and sweet approach to winter.

Simply braid your hair into two pigs tails. Criss-cross them over the crown of your head, and secure them with a bobby pin. Using blonde or brown bobby pins to match your hair color is important so they don’t stick out on the top of your head. Curl some smaller pieces, or those dang fly always to keep the look light.

Begging for a Braid this WinterPigtails

While many may find this look as a blast to the past, I think it is an easy and simple way to keep your hair under control. It also makes it easier to wear those cute winter hats. This can also be second day hair; day one being the milkmaid, day two can re-use those braids same braids as well as add something to it. Keep some of those fly aways curled for a relaxed and flirty look. (Hat is from Bula: MC Sports.)

Begging for a Braid this Winter

I am one to always have my hair pulled back and away from my face. So all of these braids work perfectly into my life, where I am running back and forth from work to class to meetings. These braids help me to transition from one event to another without missing a step worrying about my hair! I hope they work for you as well!


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