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19 Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gift Ideas

Although the holiday season may be winding down, winter break isn’t over yet. It still isn’t too late to give those special people in your life the perfect gift. Now I know what you’re thinking… I can’t afford to buy gifts for every single person I love… but I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to be broke! You’re in college, you aren’t expected to buy extravagant, pricey presents. I’ve found that gifts that you make yourself happen to be a lot more thoughtful and just as special, if not more!

I started making gifts for family members from the time I was 7 and with the help of Pinterest, I’ve come a long way. Here are some DIY holiday gift ideas to get you started:

1. Painted Canvas

There are so many options: monogrammed, artsy, their favorite quote or bible verse, and the list goes on. Pick something special just for them. For example, I chose to paint the canvas shown above for my big on behalf of her obsession with all things minion and glitter.

2. Painted Mason Jars

I love these jars because they don’t take long to make. Throw in some flowers and they’ll spruce up any room!

3. DIY Sharpie Mug

Personalize them for your favorite coffee lover and you have a gift that will make them remember every morning just how awesome you are!

4. DIY Coasters

A friend of mine made coasters this Christmas as a gift for her brother. It’s really simple, all you need is Mod Podge, plain coasters or cork and whatever you want to glue down whether it’s fabric, pictures, patterned paper. You can also take an alternative route and make the coasters out of wine corks, dominoes, or anything else you can think of.

19 Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gift Ideas

5. Tie Blanket

These blankets can personalized to the person’s favorite sports team, patterns, or colors. One of my friends decided to make a tie pillow for her boyfriend’s birthday by just adding stuffing in between the layers and he loved it!

19 Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gift Ideas

6. Painted Cooler

If you haven’t had the opportunity to paint a cooler for a frat guy or just haven’t gotten tired of it yet, why not paint one as a holiday gift!? Whether it’s your boyfriend, best guy friend, or just a friend who loves to put things in coolers, they’ll love this thoughtful gift!

7. DIY Ornaments

You can decorate the ornaments with their favorite team, college, sorority, or print, just to name a few.

8. DIY Body Scrubs

Look to Pinterest for recipes to make the perfect scrub.

19 Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gift Ideas

9. Food-in-a-Jar

This holiday season, try making fancy popcorn and using that or use your favorite hot chocolate.

19 Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gift Ideas

10. Knitted Anything

Go ahead and start making a scarf, blanket, or boot cuffs in your friends favorite colors!

11. Crayon Art

Everyone has a blowdryer and some crayons lying around so this shouldn’t cost you much at all

12. Personalized Wine Glasses

Monogram them, add glitter, paint their school colors, or sorority letters, either way they’ll love it!

19 Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gift Ideas

13. DIY Picture Frame

What’s more special than picking your favorite picture with that person and putting it in a frame made just for them?

14. Handmade Ornament Wreath

I made an ornament wreath for my mom one year. There hasn’t been a holiday season since that it’s not up for all to see!

15. Hand-painted Beer Pong Table

A gift every guy would dream of! A friend of mine’s girlfriend made him an awesome fold up beer pong table this Christmas which left everyone drooling.

16. Reasons Why I Love You Jar

What better way to show your best friend or your mom just how much you her by putting them all in a jar?!

17. Friendship Bracelets

I know this seems so middle school but Pinterest has so many cute ideas for how to make them nowadays!

19 Do-It-Yourself Holiday Gift Ideas

18. DIY Wrapping Paper

Why not wrap your DIY present in some DIY wrapping paper? A gift that couldn’t be more personalized.

19. Handwritten Letter

This may not seem like much, but this may be just what your sentimental friend needs to read on a bad day.

I hope this list helps you check off all those people you still haven’t found the perfect present for! Happy Holidays!

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