Day To Night, Alpha Sigma Alpha's Style Guide

Returning from summer, you can’t wait to show off all your new clothes. Most of the time I feel like I go through all of my outfits in one week! Why not spare yourself the stress of trying to figure out what you will be wearing out simply by adding or taking away an accessory from your daytime outfit? Here are a few options that show just how easy it can be to transform your outfit from day to night.

Day To Night, Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Style Guide

The first look is so cute and comfy and is the perfect outfit to go to class in. By adding the jean jacket, it dresses the outfit up and would be perfect to go out to dinner in and even a night out with your girls. I chose to keep the sneakers on but a pair of sandals would work as well!

Day To Night, Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Style Guide

This is one of my favorite outfits! I love this shirt because it can easily be worn during the day and look casual and also be dressed up for night. By wearing jeans and wedges, you get a completely different look.

Day To Night, Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Style Guide

Im obsessed with this new “Vegan” leather jacket. It’s the perfect jacket to wear during the day or even compliment any outfit you wear out at night. This animal friendly (hint the term vegan) is a great alternative to real leather. Also because it is not real leather, the material is a lot less expensive. Who would even know if it was real leather or not?!

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