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Dorm Decor Done Right!

School is just around the corner and it’s time to pick out your dorm decor! Here are a few easy tips to have your dorm decor done right!

Dorm Decor Done Right!
Dorm Decor Advice From The Sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha at Penn State
  1. First pick out a color scheme. You never want to mix too many colors and make your dorm look too overwhelming. As you can seem from the picture above, I chose black and white as my color scheme for my dorm room.
  2. Then add an accent color (or two). Use the accent color for dorm accessories. Pink and green were my accent colors of choice. I picked out pink indoor lantern lights, a green jar and chose bedding that incorporated both my color scheme and accent colors.
  3. For some finishing touches buy a cute poster or two. You could also make collages with pictures of you and your friends!

Take this advice and have your dorm decor done right!

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