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Dorm Decoration: Coordination and Communication!

Dorm Decoration: Coordination and Communication!

Designing a dorm room can be stressful and difficult, especially when you have to do it a roommate, or two, in mind. In order to make sure your dorm looks perfect after move in day, make sure to coordinate and communicate with your roommate ahead of time.

Dorm Decoration: Coordination and Communication!Coordination

Choose one or two main colors that go together nicely. You can then base your decorations, bedding and pillows, and all of your purchases for your room off of your color selections. My roommate and I chose blue as our main color, and white and gray as our accent colors. By making this decision, we had absolutely no issues when deciding what to buy for our room. There was no need stress about whether our decorations or bedding choices would look nicely together. has a “Roommate Style Guide” page to help roommates coordinate bedding selections easily!


Designing a dorm room also includes buying more than just bedding and wall decorations in order to make your dorm a perfect place. Televisions, coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators, printers, rugs, and more are all fabulous extras to have in your dorm, but you only need ONE of each! Make sure you talk with your roommate to make sure you don’t show up on move in day with two of everything! My roommate and I spoke a few weeks before school and evenly split up who would buy what. __

Dorm Decoration: Coordination and Communication!

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