Get The Look for Less (Spring Break Edition)

Want to find the look for less for spring break? Follow these three easy steps!

Penn State is taking over Puerto Vallarta. With spring break approaching in two weeks, you should start thinking about what you will be packing for the sunny beaches of Mexico. Fitting a whole weeks wardrobe in a suitcase can be very overwhelming.

Get The Look for Less (Spring Break Edition)

I’ve learned over the years that you do not need to go shopping the week before spring break to buy a whole new set of clothes. It’s easy to find the look for less in your very own closet!

For one, a great idea is to mix and match bathing suits! This allows you to make two bathing suits into four, simply by mixing and matching your tops and bottoms. Not only does this give you a fabulous looks to show off around the pool but you are also saving more room in your suitcase!

Get The Look for Less (Spring Break Edition)
Mix & match to save

Another necessity to check off your list is flip-flops. Most often when I go to the beach wearing flip-flops, I happen to leave with a pair that isn’t the one I arrived in. I would take this into consideration when packing for spring break and know that this might happen to you. In that case, I suggest you dig up an old pair of flip-flops in your closet to pack. It wouldn’t even hurt to bring two! You can also buy a pair of cheap flip-flops at Old Navy for only $3.94!

Get The Look for Less (Spring Break Edition)
Bring a school tank – rep your campus!

Lastly, don’t waste money on buying cover ups to wear to the pool! Simply dig up t-shirts or tank tops that you are comfortable wearing over your bathing suit. Other schools besides Penn State will be vacationing in Mexico, so bring a Penn State t-shirt and show off your school spirit!

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