Glam Up Your… Makeup! (Perfect For Formal Season!)

Learn to have the perfect smokey eye for formal!

Glam Up Your… Makeup! (Perfect For Formal Season!)

With formal season right around the corner, every girl is searching for the right dress for her big night. But don’t forget the most essential part to your glam outfit… your makeup! Whether your dress is black, pink, or even yellow, the smokey eye is the perfect way to complete your red carpet look. Follow these easy 7 steps to create a bold eye:

  1. First, prime your eyes. I like working with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer. It’s a long-lasting eye shadow base that will highlight any color on your eyelid.

  2. Apply a soft silver color to the lid of your eye. This is considered “a wash” and will help the base of your eye glisten!

Glam Up Your… Makeup! (Perfect For Formal Season!)
Step 2
  1. Apply a light gray color from the center to the outer part of your lid. This will help transition into the even darker color to come (don’t forget to blend!).

  2. Next, apply the darkest color (if you’re going for a bold look, choose black) to the outer most part of your lid. I like to bring the dark color almost the whole way up to my eyebrow-it really makes my eyes stand out.

Glam Up Your… Makeup! (Perfect For Formal Season!)
Step 4
  1. Add eyeliner to the base of your eyelid with a little wing at the end. This will help emphasize the shape of your eye.

  2. And don’t forget the most important step-mascara! Constantly reapply your mascara until you get the long, luscious eyelashes you want (adding fake eye lashes is a great way to amp up your look).

Glam Up Your… Makeup! (Perfect For Formal Season!)
Step 6!
  1. A nude lip is huge this season! Add a little dab of concealer to your lips and blend. Then, put clear lip-gloss on top to make your lips shine.

You are officially ready for your big night out!

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