How To: Be Trendy in Pants This Summer

Whoever said that pants are not appropriate for summer was entirely mistaken.

Wearing pants this summer is all the rage, and you don’t want to miss out! Very chic and popular pants this summer tend to be patterned, flared, silky, cotton, and more. The list goes on! They are exceptionally versatile and there is certainly a pair for everyone’s personal style. The key? Find a lightweight and sheer fabric that will allow your skin to breath in the heat.

Not sure what to wear with your new pants? Sport a crop top or a tank paired with a jean vest, add some jewelry to embellish your look, or keep it simple and sophisticated with just a solid top. No matter what you decide to wear, you will unquestionably be a trendsetter. Check out these pictures of Alpha Sigma Alpha girls displaying their creative ways of wearing this latest and fashionable trend.

How To: Be Trendy in Pants This Summer
You can rock printed pants during the summer months!

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