New Members of Alpha Sigma Alpha

ASA does rush! Ever wonder how we get our new sisters? Recruitment at Penn State this year lasted two weeks. Days were separated into four different rounds followed by bid day: open houses, first rounds, second rounds, pref night, and bid day. For our chapter, that means every round we _turn our style up a notch. _

Open Houses:

A dark grey American Apparel Unisex Tank with “alpha sigma alpha” ombre writing repetitively down the center tucked in with white jean shorts and sandals.

First Rounds:

Dark wash jeans with a fashionable and trendy white top with a pair of wedges or heels.

New Members of Alpha Sigma Alpha

Second Rounds:

Originally a black sundress was supposed to be the ensemble however, some of our sorority sisters wore a black romper or a black skirt with a shirt tucked in with heels!

New Members of Alpha Sigma Alpha

Pref Night:

This is the night to impress all! Our sorority suite where Pref Night took place was decorated and transformed into a glowing room! On this night, we all wore white dresses that showed our personalities.

New Members of Alpha Sigma AlphaBid Day:

The most exciting time of the semester, finally our new babies have arrived! Our shirts were American Apparel unisex tanks again that read “on bid we wear pink”!

New Members of Alpha Sigma AlphaFor your next recruitment process, go with the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority look!

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