Patterned Jeans for Every Season!

The newest trend of the 2013? Patterned Jeans! Feel free to dress them up or down! You can dress them up with a silky shirt or blouse and heels. You can also dress them down with a casual t-shirt or tank top and boots or flats. I would stick to neutral colored shirts like black, white or grays. The light colored jeans (featured below) like whites and gray can be worn through the summer with a cute pair of sandals or even into the fall with a cool pair of boots. The darker colors (featured below) like tans and blacks are great for a cool winter night. Just last week, I wore my aztec green jeans with a silky tank, black combat boots and a leather jacket and I was good to go!

Patterned Jeans for Every Season!Patterned Jeans for Every Season!Patterned Jeans for Every Season!

Floral and animal prints are so in this season! Make them unique with your own choice of top or shoes! They are a great go-to pattern that is flattering and fun.

Patterned Jeans for Every Season!

The Aztec and zig-zag patterns are my favorite! They are definitely more adventurous and out there but pair them with a simple shirt and you’ll have the perfect balance!

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