Yes, You Can Rock Out With Skulls!

Do you all remember the skull fashion trend from way back when? Well, look out because it has made a remarkable comeback, but this time, it looks like it is here to stay throughout the spring and summer seasons! There are many ways that you can rock out in this skull style!

  1. Shirts: A cutoff tee with a skull logo or a high-low blouse are the two most common skull trends for Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters. Some of us even like the skull cutout in the back of a shirt for a wild night out!
  2. Accessories: Go for a bold statement! Accessorize with chunky skull accessories like bracelets or a necklace!

When it comes to skull style anything goes. Be creative and have fun with it; the skull says it all!

Yes, You Can Rock Out With Skulls!
Bold statement colors!

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