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It's Rush Time… Go Greek, Greek, Greek!

Rush is one of the most exciting weeks during the year! It is so important to be prepared and make sure you show the new potential members what your sorority is all about. Besides personality, first impressions are one of the biggest things that have to do with the decision making for these new PNMS. You better look the part! Here at Penn State, Alpha Sigma Alpha prides itself on showing these PNMS that we keep it classy. Here a are few cute looks of how we dress for each round.

It’s Rush Time… Go Greek, Greek, Greek!

For firsts rounds, we wear a cute white blouse, dark jeans and wedges.

It’s Rush Time… Go Greek, Greek, Greek!

For second rounds, we wear all black. Most girls wear a black dress but a romper or a skirt and top is just as cute! Because the outfit is so simple, feel free to accessorize as much as you want!

It’s Rush Time… Go Greek, Greek, Greek!

On Pref night (the best night of recruitment) we all wear white cocktail dresses. I remember walking in to pref night for ASA and I knew right then that this was the place for me. The white dresses were so classy and sophisticated but fun and cute at the same time.

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