The Alpha Sigma Alpha's MUST HAVE for Spring 2013!

Sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha take spring with coral added into their wardrobe.

The Alpha Sigma Alpha’s MUST HAVE for Spring 2013!

The color we have all been waiting for, coral, a necessity for this spring semester! What is so great about this color is that it looks good on everyone because it’s such a fun color anyone can pull off! No matter where you look this color is everywhere from every orange shade to every pink tone matching everything along with it.

You can add as much or as little coral to your everyday outfit as you want! To make a bold statement you can wear a dress, coral denim, or something as simple as an accessory: a necklace, bracelet, ring. Even a pair of shoes with a splash of coral adds the perfect amount of edginess into any wardrobe.

This fun, upbeat color is an essential to any girl’s spring wardrobe!

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